Friday, 21 September 2012

Rickshaw Trickster

The other day, we took a ride on a rickshaw (a bicyle tuk tuk). Before boarding, we asked how much it would cost and the guy said 5 rupees. So tukaingia. As we are riding, we saw the journey is getting long and started asking ourselves, kweli this journey is only 5 bob. When we arrived we gave him 10 rupees. As I am waiting for change, he gives me back the cash and says "30 rupee!" We try reason with him but he walks away and pretends he does not understand a word of English. His colleagues begin to gather around us. None of them understands english. they start talking among themselves in Hindi.... then they look at us and talk to us in Hindi. We begin to get desperate. The guy comes back and declares " 40 rupee' then walks away again. By this time, any possible escape route has been closed. We look around for someone who knows English to try and explain that the guy had said 5 rupees lakini wapi, if they understood us at all, they were good at hiding it. The last straw was when he came back and declared "25 rupee" while pointing at me and " 25 rupee" while pointing at my buddy. We realised that this price was going to get to 100 rupee if we dont escape fast. We quickly paid the 30 rupees and escaped with our lives. Luckily, one of the his rickshaw friends is the one who told us to pay 30 rupees and walk away. After this incident, i dared use another rickshaw guy. This time, we agreed that it was going to be 40 rupee. Luckily, I knew where I was going so he could not play tricks this time. However, upon arrival, he asked for 50 rupee .... I gave him a very stern look and shouted at him and he hurriedly took the 40 rupees and left. Luckily it was just me and him at that time. Apart from these occassional conmen, it has been okay. 

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  1. Kuria, wah! Those richshaw guys are daylight muggers and are not even ashamed of it! wah!